Jakkie & AFI

Forecasting the future of Africa

The African Futures & Innovation programme (AFI) at the ISS undertakes long-term thematic, country and regional studies in Africa. We provide decision makers with forward thinking policy analysis to plan key development pathways. 

AFI’s work explores how important development trends are unfolding across time by analysing variables like agriculture, education, economics, energy, the environment, governance, health, infrastructure, and international politics.

Most AFI work is done using an integrated assessment model – the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system, developed and housed at the Frederick S Pardee Center, University of Denver.

The model produces dynamic forecasts for more than 500 variables for 186 countries until the end of the century. It is open-source and free to download at www.pardee.du.edu. This website includes details of the modelling done for the books Fate of the Nation and Africa First! See the research tab and go to the relevant book for these details.

AFI works with governments, embassies, civil society, academics and experts in various fields. We have undertaken projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Tunisia, Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe, amongst others.

All AFI publications are free and can be found here.