Igniting a Growth Revolution (2020)

What prevents Africa, with its bountiful natural resources, from translating that potential into prosperity? Well-known Africa analyst Jakkie Cilliers uses 11 scenarios to show, in concrete terms, how the continent can ignite a growth revolution that will take millions out of poverty and into employment.

Africa needs much more rapid economic growth. The challenges the continent faces – competing in a globalised world, delivering health care and education, feeding growing populations and grappling with climate change – demand determined leadership and far-sighted policies.

Along with the opportunity that technology offers to leapfrog into the future, Cilliers identifies and models the impact of fundamental transitions needed in agriculture, education, demographics, manufacturing and governance and how these can be brought about.

By offering achievable solutions based on African realities, Cilliers shows how the continent can capitalise on its boundless potential. Authoritative and engaging, this work offers a roadmap for how Africa can catch up with the rest of the world.

Modelling and Scenarios for Africa First!

International Futures (IFs) is a forecasting platform that allows forecasts and analysis of global demographic, economic, energy, agricultural, environmental, domestic sociopolitical, and international political systems throughout the twenty-first century. Read this article to get more detailed information about IFs and Africa First!.


“A roadmap that would turn Africa’s potential into prosperity. Africa First! is deeply insightful and full of hope despite the hard work that lies ahead. Africa has a bright future if Africans get behind good goverance, take responisibility for the continents development and seize the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. Jakkie Cilliers lays it all out in plain language.”
H. E. Cyril Ramaphosa
President of South Africa
“Cilliers refuses to adopt a fatalistic attitude . . . or to get stuck in simplistic models that equate GDP growth with genuine development . . . His very practical recommendations, largely focusing on issues of governance and policy efficiency, are based on solid empirical evidence and sound argument. This book can make a difference and will contribute to improving the human condition on our continent.”
Professor Maxi Schoeman
Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pretoria