Fate of the Nation

3 Scenarios for South Africa’s Future (2017)

This groundbreaking book explores the future of South Africa by testing alternative scenarios. Jakkie Cilliers argues that much will depend on the state of leadership in the African National Congress and the party’s national conference in December 2017. The winner of the struggle between what he deems “traditionalists” and “reformers” will have definitive consequences on the leadership of a country currently plagued by uncertainty and underperformance. Cilliers also explores the possibility of a split in the ANC, as well as the roles of the EFF and DA in the 2019 elections and beyond. Fate of the Nation presents the impact of each scenario in terms of economics, crime/social unrest and impact upon South Africa’s international standing to 2034. A concluding chapter presents a comprehensive set of recommendations that place employment creation at the center of pro-growth policies
Modelling and Scenarios for Fate of the Nation

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