Jakkie Cilliers is a regular commentator on Africa. 

Books by Jakkie Cilliers

The Future of Africa

This book describes and models the impact of a series of fundamental transitions that are needed if Africa is to narrow the gap in development between itself and the rest of the world.

Africa First!

What stops Africa, with its abundant natural resources, from capitalising on its boundless potential? Jakkie Cilliers uses 11 scenarios to unpack how Africa can ignite a growth revolution.

Fate of the Nation

This groundbreaking book explores the future of South Africa by testing alternative scenarios. Jakkie Cilliers argues that much will depend on the state of leadership in the African National Congress.


“Cilliers refuses to adopt a fatalistic attitude . . . or to get stuck in simplistic models that equate GDP growth with genuine development . . . His very practical recommendations, largely focusing on issues of governance and policy efficiency, are based on solid empirical evidence and sound argument.”

Professor Maxi Schoeman

Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pretoria